Outdoor events are exciting for attendees, but they can be a logistical nightmare for event planners.

There’s so much you need to account for when planning an outdoor event, regardless of whether it’s a wedding or a music festival. It might not be your chief concern, but one of your top priorities should be portable restrooms. 

Portable restroom rentals are easy to forget about during the planning phase, but if you don’t book them early on, your guests are the ones who suffer. Since portable restroom trailer rental isn’t something you do every day, you may not know everything you should be thinking about when deciding what to get.

Fortunately, you’ve got us to help. In today’s post, we’ll discuss the key elements you need to consider when renting porta potties and bathroom trailers.

When you take care of portable restroom rental, your event can run smoothly. Keep reading and make sure you get this crucial element of outdoor event planning right.

Type of Event

The first thing you need to think about is the type of event you’re hosting, which will help you choose the type of portable toilet to rent. If it’s a luxury event, like a wedding or an upscale product launch, you’ll want to treat your guests to a more luxurious bathroom experience.

We’ve got a variety of luxury restroom trailers available to rent. Some options have separate entrances for men and women, while others offer complete privacy and comfort with AC and heating. Our 10 Station Luxury Restroom Trailers even have wood grain floors and Corian countertops.

If your event is something simple where luxury may not matter as much to the attendees, like a music festival, you can get by with standard porta potty units. We offer many options for single and multiple-unit portable toilets that can accommodate no-frills outdoor events.

How Many Attendees

The second thing you’ll need to think about is the number of attendees confirmed for your event. Long bathroom lines are the enemy of every event planner. If your event is to be successful, you can’t have people spending most of their time waiting to use the toilet.

So, it’s important to rent the right number of portable toilets for the size of your event. If you’re unsure of how many people are attending, it’s always best to shoot for more portable toilets so that you don’t run into issues.

One of the great things about luxury portable toilet rentals is that many of our units can accommodate many guests. For instance, the 8 Station Luxury Restroom Trailer can accommodate up to 600 guests, so you only need to rent a single unit.

When you hire a good portable restroom rental service, they’ll be able to help you determine the right options based on the number of guests at your event. If you’re unsure of what to do, we can help.

Accounting for Individuals with Disabilities

Something a lot of event organizers overlook is booking ADA-compliant washrooms for guests with disabilities. These either have ramps that allow for wheelchair access or have doors on ground level to ensure wheelchairs can enter.

They also have extra wide doors to accommodate any mobility device. Inside the units, you’ll find easily accessible flush controls and handrails. At Rent-A-John, we offer two different ADA-compliant units: the traditional ADA-compliant porta potty and the ADA-compliant Luxury Restroom Trailer.

The Importance of Health and Hygiene

Having figured out what type of units to order and how many of them you need, you can start planning the logistics of your event. One of the most important things to consider is whether or not you’ll need cleaning during the event.

For multi-day events, you’ll need the company to come to empty and clean the portable restrooms at least once per day. How often they clean the units is another deciding factor in how many units you’ll need.

All of this comes down to the company’s cleaning standards. If they’re unwilling to look after the health and hygiene of your event by cleaning the units, you should keep looking.

Setup and Delivery

Another thing you’ll need to inquire about is delivery and setup for your portable restrooms. When you’re planning an outdoor event, you need to coordinate all of your vendors so that everything runs smoothly. 

In terms of portable restrooms, this means the company needs to deliver and set up your units on time. You’ll have to give them a clear description of the event grounds and where the portable restrooms will be. They’ll take care of the rest, setting up the toilets so that they’re ready to go when the event begins.

The last thing you want to do is order your portable restrooms without considering where they’ll go. Map out the different areas of your event and choose the location of the washrooms strategically so that it’s convenient for your guests. 

Portable Restroom Trailer Rental Costs

An important consideration will be the cost of the portable restroom trailers. If this is your first time planning an outdoor event, you likely won’t have much idea of how much portable toilet rental will run you. You’ll need to get quotes from a few different companies to get a sense of the cost.

Make sure to get quotes for different types of portable toilets as well. Porta potties are cheaper, but you’ll need to order more of them to complete your event. If there’s room in your budget, it’s always more accommodating for your guests to have luxury restroom trailers over traditional porta-potties.

Get the Best Bathroom Trailers in Columbus

If you want the best portable restroom trailer rental for your Columbus-area outdoor event, Rent-A-John has you covered. Our wide variety of portable toilet units and luxury restroom trailers can accommodate any type of event, no matter how many guests you have or what their needs might be.

Use these tips to start planning your portable restroom rental. If you’re still unsure of which units are best for your event, you can contact us to speak with one of our helpful representatives.