As we move into the fall season, we’re approaching comfortable highs between 50 and 70 degrees. After the heat of the summer, Ohioans are eager to get outdoors and enjoy some autumnal fun.

It’s no surprise, then, that Columbus residents and industry professionals are planning outdoor events. If you’re planning an outdoor event yourself, there’s more to think about than just food, lighting, and entertainment. It’s also important to think about what facilities you’ll provide. 

Should you rent Porta Johns or luxury bathroom trailers for your event? It depends on a variety of factors, from the type of event you’re planning to the budget you’re working with.

As always, Rent-A-John is your number one portable restroom provider in Columbus. Read on to find out what types of mobile bathrooms you should rent. 

What to Expect From Porta Johns

Single-unit Porta Johns come with a range of basic amenities. The standard model has a non-flushable toilet with a pyramid sump for deodorizer coverage. The most advanced model has a flushable toilet and working sink.

Each Porta John has a single bathroom and a locking door. You’ll want to rent at least one Porta John for every 50 guests, increasing the total number by about 20% if you’re serving alcoholic beverages at your event. Most Porta Johns are 44″ wide and 48″ deep, making it easy to maximize the number of bathroom facilities you can install in your event space. 

What to Expect From Luxury Trailer Bathrooms

Luxury trailer bathrooms offer a true bathroom experience. Amenities include:

  • Lighting
  • Climate control
  • Laminate flooring
  • Sinks
  • Mirrors
  • Paper towels
  • Flushable toilets

Day or night, guests can use luxury trailer bathrooms in comfort. Spacious countertops make it easy to put bags down and freshen up. You can rent luxury trailer bathrooms with individual bathrooms, stalls, and urinals to accommodate your full guest count.

Porta Johns vs Luxury Trailer Bathrooms

As you can see, there’s a big difference between a typical Porta John and a luxury trailer bathroom. However, that doesn’t mean that one is inherently a better choice than the other. Let’s take a look at the factors to consider when deciding between the two.

Guest Count and Event Space

Luxury trailer bathrooms have two to ten private bathrooms or stalls, depending on the model you rent. The largest model can accommodate up to 800 guests before requiring service. 

With a large enough event space, you can order multiple luxury bathroom trailers to accommodate more than 800 guests. If you’re working with a large guest count and limited space for portable restrooms, consider Porta Johns, as you can fit more individual Porta Johns in a smaller amount of space.

Type of Event

The type of event you’re hosting will have the biggest impact on the type of portable restroom you choose. For large community events like fairs or concerts, Porta Johns are perfectly acceptable.

For formal events, guests may expect something a bit nicer. This includes events like weddings and corporate retreats. If your guests are going to be dressed in their finest clothing, you may want to give them a luxurious space to use the restroom and freshen up throughout the event. 


Because luxury trailer bathrooms come with more amenities and require more sophisticated maintenance and restocking, they cost more to rent. More specifically, you can expect to pay more per bathroom when renting a luxury portable restroom. If your budget is stretched thin, porta potty rental is often the best choice. 


The standard Porta John has a non-flushable toilet and a three-roll toilet paper dispenser inside, with upgrades including a sink and soap dispenser. However, the VIP Flush Unit comes with a flushable toilet and sink, making it the best Porta John option for upscale events and VIP guests.

As we’ve discussed, luxury trailer bathrooms have far more amenities, from lighting and temperature control to fully functional plumbing. If your goal is to give your guests an indoor bathroom experience at your outdoor event, these amenities are a must. 

Electrical Connections

With the exception of solar-powered Nu Concept trailers, luxury trailer bathrooms require access to two or more 110v 20amp outlets. For safety reasons, luxury trailer bathrooms shouldn’t share power sources with other electrical equipment like stage lighting or amplifiers.

Without proper electrical connections, you’ll need to rent Porta Johns. Porta Johns only require a flat and open space for installation. Though you may want to install lighting nearby for safety reasons, Porta Johns themselves do not require access to an outlet.

Are Both Types of Bathroom Rentals ADA Compliant? 

If you’re planning an event for the public, you may need to ensure that your event is ADA-compliant. This means making your event equally accessible for guests with disabilities, including physical disabilities.

Can you rent ADA-compliant Porta Johns and luxury trailer bathrooms? Both of these types of mobile bathrooms for rent come in ADA-compliant models that create accessibility for any guest using a mobility device, including wheelchairs and walkers. 

Call Rent-A-John for Your Next Event

If you’re planning an outdoor event, it’s important to think about full guest comfort, and that includes providing restroom facilities. The right portable restrooms will accommodate your space, guest count, and the overall tone of your event. We hope this guide will help you choose between Porta Johns and luxury trailer bathrooms.

If you need mobile bathrooms for rent in Columbus and the surrounding areas, Rent-A-John is here to help. We clean, deliver, install, and pick up our rental bathrooms and offer a wide variety of options to suit your needs. Contact us to request a quote.