It’s like you were told as a kid: when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. And, since the average person spends over 2 years of their life in the bathroom, it’s more likely than not that you’ll have to go in any given location.

Toilets are never elegant, but luxury restroom trailers make them as stylish and sophisticated as possible. Whether you’re holding an outdoor music event, a rustic wedding, or simply setting up a construction site, these trailers are a great choice. Read on to learn why.

They Create a Better Ambiance

Little single-stall porta-potty units get the job done, but they’re notoriously messy without constant cleaning. The toilets don’t flush, there aren’t any sinks, and sanitary measures aren’t meticulously followed.

A luxury Porta John rental provides a much nicer ambiance to those who enter it. They have a sink, a toilet that flushes, and sometimes even a vanity where people can do their makeup. Mirrors are available, as are paper towels.

Laminate flooring also gives the restroom an air of sophistication that makes it feel like a regular indoor venue. People won’t dread using the toilet while working on construction projects or dancing their hearts out at a concert.

They’re Bigger

Luxury restroom trailers are also significantly bigger than single-stall classic porta potties. There’s more room to move around, and people won’t feel trapped or confined in the stalls regardless of their size.

Since there are fully enclosed wooden stalls, simulated marble walls, and real porcelain toilets, people won’t feel crushed inside a plastic space.

Trailers aren’t only more accessible to plus-size people or those who need to maneuver throughout a stall. They’re also more handicap-accessible for those with disabilities. They come with wide steps and handrails so people have an easier time getting into and out of the restroom.

The women’s side also has 2 private stalls. This is ideal since people require comfort when in the restroom for more than a few seconds, so it’s easy for the ladies to move around and take a comfortable seat while taking care of business.

There Are More Amenities

Better materials and larger sizes aren’t the only quality amenities that a luxury restroom trailer has. Most importantly, these trailers have toilets that flush. They’re much cleaner because of this, and people won’t need to worry about contending with a disgusting mess every time they need the bathroom.

HVAC inside the trailer also means great temperature regulation. Regular porta potties can get really hot in the summertime or become insulated freezers in the winter. The AC and heating amenities in luxury porta-johns mean that they’re a refuge from extreme temperatures.

Another cool amenity that people can enjoy is the stereo sound system. You can play music inside the porta potty just as a retail store or workplace might in their bathroom. People at music festivals don’t need to miss out on hearing their favorite artists, and construction or outdoor workers can hear some nice music while taking a break.

Cleanliness Is Easy

Flushing toilets make cleanliness easy, but so do other aspects of luxury restrooms. Many options like the Nu Concept trailers also come with waterproof carpeting to ensure that there are no awkward spills or sloshes. Those that don’t have this carpeting have hardwood-adjacent floors, and it’s easy to mop up any mess.

Plus, each luxury porta-potty unit comes with a skylight. This makes it easier for people to see what they’re doing. Plus, they can easily navigate the oval sink that’s made to contain water without getting it all over the floor.

Luxury trailers are also made to be odorless. They’re not supposed to trap any unwanted smells. People will know that they’re in a sanitary environment.

People Get More Privacy

Up until now, we’ve mostly talked about small luxury trailers like our Presidential option. However, there are also luxury restroom trailers that have multiple stalls. These are ideal for those at large concerts, big parties, or outdoor workplaces with hundreds of employees.

You can choose between 8-station and 10-station trailers to give people the privacy they need.

All of these toilet options are 100% private. Stalls separate people from one another, and there are strong wood partitions between urinals. The hardwood-look floor is also classy and sophisticated, and each stall locks individually to keep unwanted intruders out.

Showering Is Possible

Some luxury trailers also come with shower areas! These self-contained, private rooms are ideal for those working long hours on construction projects or other outdoor work. Industrial venues may also require shower trailers, as may those working long-haul sporting events or concerts.

These shower trailers have separate entrances for men and women. They have linoleum colors, Corian counters, and built-in HVAC. Hot and cold running water makes showering comfortable.

In addition to these shower-related amenities, shower trailers also have private dressing areas with seating. This is awesome for actors working on projects of people on the road with musicians or touring authors. There are also power outlets at every sink so that you can give your phone a boost while taking care of your own hygiene.

ADA Compliance

We have special luxury trailers made to comply with ADA guidelines and standards. These 2-stall units have a capacity of up to 350 guests, 3 private entrances, and hot and cold running water.

The stall itself is 24′ long with the ADA platform in place. There’s an area for wheelchair ramp entry so all guests and employees can use the bathroom comfortably.

It’s easy to set up and use, and the restroom itself is worth getting into. Wood-grain floors, granite-style countertops, and crown molding all let people use the flushing toilets in style.

Rent Luxury Restroom Trailers for Your Next Event

While portable toilet rental comes in many forms, luxury trailers are the perfect way to keep any venue sophisticated and classy. Now that you know the benefits of luxury restroom trailers, it’s time to ensure that they’re at your upcoming event or ongoing construction site.

Our team is committed to helping you choose and set up a porta-potty rental so that everyone can stay clean and comfortable. Request a quote from Rent-A-John to learn how much a luxury trailer will cost.