Are you planning a big construction project soon?

If so, you’re likely thinking about the various ways you need to get prepared for the project. You also need to think about all the ways to accommodate your construction workers.

But have you thought about their bathroom breaks? You need to find a way to make these breaks convenient for your workers.

They should be able to use the bathroom and then get back to work shortly afterward.

Here’s why you should consider investing in a construction porta potty:

It’s Less Intrusive

What happens if you hire a few construction workers who need to work on a task in someone’s backyard?

You don’t want them to keep entering your client’s home to use the bathroom. This intrudes on your client’s privacy and will make them feel uncomfortable.

A portable toilet rental is the easiest solution to this. Depending on the space, you can install a few portable toilets or even luxury restroom trailers.

Once the project gets completed, it’s easy to remove these portable toilets without causing any hassle to your client.

It’s Better for the Environment

While construction, renovation, and development are crucial for our world, so is our need to care for the environment. As a result, there’s a lot of pressure on the construction industry to balance their work with environmental concerns.

A porta john rental fulfills this need. They’re better for the environment as they don’t need to use lots of water. They also dispose of waste much more efficiently.

They’re built to last, so you can depend on one unit for a project that might take several days or weeks.

Improving Productivity

One of the big challenges for any project manager is to improve productivity on a construction site.

You may not have thought about it, but a portable toilet rental can be one of the methods for improving productivity. As we mentioned, it’s inconvenient for construction workers not to have a nearby toilet.

Your workers can quickly pop in and out of the toilet as they need to. This ensures that bathroom breaks aren’t too long. They’ll also feel that you, the project manager, cares about them.

This simple act of making sure they have a clean and comfortable place to relieve themselves can boost morale. This will only ensure long-term success for the construction project.

When you have a portable toilet rental, you can also ensure better hygiene. The portable toilet will be clean and will maintain hygiene standards before it gets delivered.

This ensures your construction workers don’t have to go to a dirty bathroom which can cause them to become ill. 


A construction site can really be anywhere. As we mentioned earlier in the guide, a client’s backyard can serve as a construction site.

A construction site can also be a large plot of land where a future apartment complex will be built. It can also be a small nook under a bridge that needs renovation.

In all these scenarios, a bathroom is unlikely to be nearby. But a portable toilet works in all scenarios. You can have one portable toilet that can easily fit in a small piece of land under a bridge.

You can have several portable toilets for a backyard. For a large construction site, you can also install luxury restroom trailers.

No matter what the circumstance is, your construction workers will be relieved that going to the bathroom won’t be a concern of theirs. Portable toilets are also durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

It Gives a Professional Image

Imagine for a moment that a construction worker walks past your construction site. This construction worker might be looking for more work, and he’s observing how your site operates.

The construction worker will want to ensure that you have a safe environment for them to work in. Part of that ensures that you have bathroom facilities on site.

If the construction worker sees several portable toilets or a luxury restroom trailer on the site, they’ll get a great impression of your business. They’ll want to work on your construction site in the future.

It also gives a professional image to future clients. The client wants to ensure that there’ll be no workplace problems. This can cause major issues for them, including potential lawsuits. 

In fact, you might even be in violation of local laws and regulations if you don’t provide bathroom facilities on your construction site.

Best Practices

Let’s end with a few best practices on how to provide a great experience with portable toilets on a construction site.

When you rent a porta potty, it’ll be fully stocked with the essentials. However, if your construction project will take several weeks or months, you’ll need to take the responsibility of re-stocking.

Make sure you hire one person on the construction site to refill the portable toilets.

There must always be an adequate amount of toilet paper and soap. Once again, depending on your location, you may have inspections to ensure you’re following sanitation laws. You should also ensure that the portable toilets are cleaned every single day.

Portable toilets often come in standard sizes. Make sure you make arrangements for any construction workers who are much taller. Make sure you have multiple portable toilets as the number of workers increases.

You can also decide if a restroom trailer is a better option than having standalone portable toilets. 

If you follow these best practices, you’ll have no problem offering your construction workers a great experience. Porta potties are an important part of maintaining a safe and pleasant workplace environment.

Get Your Construction Porta Potty

Now you know the benefits of a construction porta potty and why you must have it.

It offers greater convenience for your construction workers. It’ll help improve productivity and boosts morale. Portable toilets also offer less intrusion and are far better for the environment.

This is a small addition that makes a huge difference for your construction site. If you’re interested in a porta potty rental, contact us for more details.