The global porta-potty market has a value of $1.9 billion per year and a usage of about 3.6 million portable toilets worldwide. When it comes to outdoor events, construction sites, and other temporary locations, having access to proper restroom facilities is crucial. That’s where porta potties come in.

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or managing a major construction site, our comprehensive guide will help you. We’ll reveal how many porta potties per person and other things to consider when renting portable toilets for events. Read on to learn OSHA porta potty requirements and how to spot ADA compliant porta potties.

What Is a Porta Potty?

Porta-potties, also known as portable toilets, are self-contained units that provide temporary bathroom facilities. They often consist of a toilet, a sink, and a holding tank for waste.

Porta potties are lightweight and easy to move. This makes them a convenient and practical solution for temporary bathroom needs in a variety of settings. They are great for outdoor events, construction sites, and other locations where permanent restrooms are not available.

How Do They Work?

Despite their practicality, porta potties can sometimes lack the amenities and cleanliness of traditional indoor restrooms. Nevertheless, they continue to be a convenient and essential option for many people who need access to a bathroom in these types of scenarios.

Here’s how they work.

Waste Storage

When a user flushes the toilet, the waste is stored in a holding tank. This tank is most often located beneath the unit.


Porta potties have a venting system. This helps to minimize unpleasant odors.

Water Supply

Some porta potties have a sink that allows users to wash their hands. The water supply for the sink is often provided by a water tank located within the unit.

Waste Removal

The holding tank in a porta potty needs to be emptied periodically. This is done by a waste removal service that specializes in portable restrooms. The waste is pumped out of the tank and transported to a treatment facility for processing.


To keep porta potties in good condition, they need regular cleaning. They must always be restocked with supplies like toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

How Many Porta Potties per Person Is Needed?

Determining the right number of porta potties for an event or project is crucial for ensuring the comfort and convenience of all attendees or workers. The general rule of thumb is one porta potty per every 50-75 people, but the ideal number can vary based on several factors, including:

  • The duration of the event or project
  • The type of event or project (e.g., a concert versus a construction site)
  • The availability of other bathroom facilities
  • The weather conditions
  • The time of day and other usage patterns

Porta Potty Calculator

A porta-potty calculator is a useful tool for those who plan these scenarios often or for a one-off project. It can help determine the ideal number of porta potties for your needs. Enter the number of attendees or workers, and any other relevant information, and the calculator will provide a recommended number of units.

OSHA Porta Potty Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has rules for using portable toilets at construction sites. These rules make sure the toilets are safe and clean for workers.

Companies must provide one toilet for every 20 workers or more if needed. The toilets must be close to the work area and easy to get to.

They must also be clean and have enough toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and other supplies. Waste must be thrown away properly and the toilets must be cleaned and emptied often.

Portable Toilets for Events

For events, it’s important to provide adequate bathroom facilities to ensure the comfort and convenience of all guests. Consider the following when determining the number of porta potties for your event:

  • The number of guests
  • The duration of the event
  • The type of event (e.g., a concert, wedding, or festival)
  • The availability of other bathroom facilities (e.g., indoor restrooms)
  • The time of day and other usage patterns

Types of Porta Potties

There are several different types of porta-potties available. Each is designed to meet specific needs and requirements. They include:

Standard Porta Potties

These are the most basic type of portable toilets. They are often used at outdoor events, construction sites, and other locations where a temporary bathroom is needed.

Flushing Porta Potties

Having a flushing toilet on hand provides added comfort and convenience. It’s one of the reasons why these units are so often utilized at large events and construction sites.

ADA Compliant Porta Potties

ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act, requires that all public facilities, including portable toilets, be accessible to individuals with disabilities. When choosing porta potties for your event or project, be sure to select units that are ADA-compliant. They must have features such as:

  • Grab bars
  • Ample floor space
  • Dooor that can open and close with ease

Luxury Porta Potties

These units provide a higher level of comfort and amenities, such as air conditioning, running water, and flushing toilets. Upscale events and construction sites where the temporary bathroom needs are more demanding often use them.

Portable Sinks

These units provide a sink and hand-washing facilities. They are often used in conjunction with porta potties or as standalone units at outdoor events, construction sites, and other locations.

Holding Tank Rentals

These are large tanks that can store waste in areas where a permanent septic system is not available. They are often used at large events and construction sites.

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Choosing the right porta potties for your event or project is important to its success. It ensures that your guests and workers have access to safe and hygienic restroom facilities. Whether you need a basic standard unit or a luxury model with added amenities, there’s a porta-potty to meet every need.

Now that you know how many porta potties per person, you need to know where to get the amount you need. With a wide range of options, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service, we are the perfect choice for your next event or project. Get a quote now and let us take care of the waste business for you.