We humans love our toilets. In fact, we have been building them for at least 5,000 years. One thing is quite clear: people need a space to do their business, but how much space?

If you were considering renting a portable restroom for a construction site or event, you’ve likely only considered a single, standard unit. But you may not have considered how big the individual porta potty per person should be, or how many you should have. Toilet sizes do matter, and there are far more options than the typical porta potty you are imagining in your mind.

Don’t worry, we are here to help. Keep reading as we discuss all of your options for toilet sizes.

What Toilet Sizes Are Available?

Generally speaking, there are three types of portable toilets. They are the following:

  • Single unit: one porta potty per person
  • Single unit with extensions: a larger porta potty that has more space or amenities
  • Multi-unit: a trailer with a larger number of porta potties (sometimes with sinks and individual stalls)

There is a porta potty for any size of event, and any price range. Let’s discuss your options.

Porta Potties for Small Events

Believe it or not, there is a general rule for the number of porta potties that you should have. For example, in the workplace, employers should have at least one toilet per 15 people. This is a good rule of thumb for most events in general, especially where food and alcohol may be involved.

Further, you should choose between porta potties that will be there for one event, or an entire season. Those that you rent for a single weekend are often more comfortable and luxurious–and include anti-vandalism features.

Finally, you have to choose porta potties based on the look of your event. For some events, the sight of a porta potty can be unseemly. That’s why there are options that serve as outdoor toilets, but without looking like them.

The Taurus

Looking to give your guests more room, while also having a larger portable toilet capacity? The Taurus will serve you well. The 80-gallon tank’s design does a great job of keeping the odor down, too.

This is also a great long-term porta potty. The door snaps shut tightly and is resistant to any ne’er-do-wells. It requires practically no maintenance or repair.

Best of all, you can get a Taurus version that has a sink. Service includes a resupply for paper towels, fresh water, and soap.

ADA Compliant Unit

You may need a porta potty that is accessible to disabled people. This ADA-compliant unit requires no ramp and gives plenty of room inside for wheelchair users.

VIP Flush Unit

This unit is not only quite roomy, but it also features a flushable toilet and working sink. This is the sort of unit that you want when comfort and cleanliness are paramount.

To avoid offending your guest’s finer sensibilities, you can decorate the outside of the unit. We call these Privvies with Pizzaz.

Porta Potties for Large Events

When you have a large event–with several dozen or hundred people–single-unit porta potties may not be ideal. Instead, you can rent multi-unit porta potties.

These are the trailer porta potties that we mentioned earlier. They come in several different flavors.

The Big John

These are essentially a cluster of porta potties mounted on a trailer. Instead of renting several individual units, you can get a multi-unit in a single place. It includes five individual porta potties and a single urinal.

These are excellent for your average outdoor events, such as a political rally or a sporting event. They have a 1,000-gallon waste tank and are more efficient than 10 individual units.

The Non-Flushable Trailer

If you want something that’s affordable but doesn’t look like a porta potty, this is the ticket. The non-flushable trailer has separate men’s and women’s bathrooms.

Although the toilets do not flush, there are plenty for all. There are three stalls plus two urinals for men, and six stalls total for women. In place of working sinks, they have sanitizer dispensers to keep things clean.

The Deluxe Flush

If you want something a bit fancier than a non-flushable trailer, this is the next upgrade. It features mirrors, pedal-operated handwashing, an internal light, and plenty of room.

These deluxe porta potties are a significant step up from other options. Everything is stainless steel, making it easy to clean and keep away the smell.

The Luxury Restroom Trailers

If you need something for upscale events, these are the trailers to rent. They have flushable toilets, working sinks, climate controls, lighting, paper towel dispensers, and mirrors. This is an excellent choice for guests that are dressed up and need to check their hair and clothes.

The Presidential

If you are looking for the absolute best porta potty experience money can get you, the Presidential fits the bill. It features a luxurious interior with marble, wood finishes, and actual porcelain toilets. There are private stalls with stereo speakers to play relaxing music.

Best of all, these premium private stalls don’t require much to run. Simply plug them into a garden hose and a 110-volt outlet.

Get the Right Toilet Sizes for Your Event

Having enough toilets for your event is only half of the question. You need to make sure you have the right toilet sizes, whether single-unit or multi-unit. Further, you can choose units based on how high class they are, and whether they are for a few days or much longer.

Rent-A-John is at your service and ready to provide any of the porta potty sizes you need. Get a quote here before you start planning your upcoming event.