The average person uses the restroom six to seven times per day. When you have a situation where there are X amount of people, the reality is throughout your event there is a need for them to use the bathroom. Supplying them with a restroom is non-negotiable. 

The question is, how do you feel about people tracking through your property to find the restroom? Or worse, what do you do if there isn’t a restroom on the property, to begin with? 

Looking into a portable toilet rental needs to be at the top of your event planning schedule. Need more information on porta-potty benefits? Keep reading below!

More Than One Restroom

If you’re having a large gathering, chances are more than one person is going to need to use the restroom at the same time. The last thing that your company wants is to have to stand in a long line for a single bathroom stall. Luxury restroom trailers offer more than one small space for your company to do their business. 

Prevent the line of people waiting outside of your tiny bathroom by giving them space for more than just one toilet. Your event will run smoother when you take into consideration the bathroom breaks that your eventgoers will need to take. 

More availability is always better than less. 

For the Sake of Convenience

Tracking through an event space when you really need to use the restroom is the cause of many problems. Your guests do not want to have to ask 100 questions about where the bathrooms are located, nor do you want there to be any accidents. Instead, porta potty rental is about the sake of convenience. 

Porta potties are all located in the same space. Your guests have an easy time finding their location and can go and relieve themselves when necessary. The guessing game on how and where to find the bathroom is eliminated from their worries. 

Private Restrooms Stay Private

Depending on your event, really want strangers tracking through your home or business? You don’t always know everyone who is coming to a large event and one of the ways to best safeguard your things is to eliminate everyone coming in and out of your private space. 

A porta john rental gives you the option of safeguarding your home or business space and your personal belongings. There is no need for people to come in and out of your home if the porta potties are located right outside the event. 

Kindly usher all of your guests to the bathrooms so that you feel more comfortable having a mass amount of guests to use. 

The Up-keep Alternative

Nothing is worse than walking into a bathroom and not having toilet paper or soap to wash your hands after doing your business. How much soap and toilet paper are you supposed to keep in stock to keep your entire gathering happy? These are questions you have to be sure of when you have a large gathering and a single occupancy bathroom. 

Yet, when you go with an alternative and use a porta-potty option, these aspects are all kept in mind for you. This option is one that has hand sanitizer and plenty of toilet paper on hand. There is no need to scramble to restock your personal restrooms several times throughout your day. 

Your Event Can Last

Providing your guests with a place where they can comfortably use the restrooms means that they can stay longer. You don’t have to worry about your company leaving the event just to find a comfortable bathroom space. They don’t have to limit their consumption simply because there are no bathroom options. 

Your guests are able to enjoy their setting without the worry of where they’re going to be using the bathrooms. Nothing needs to end early because the restrooms are impossible to locate. 

Clean Up Is Simple

Not looking forward to spending hours afterward bleaching your private bathroom? Porta john rental also takes this touch clean-up job away. Instead, these rentals are picked up once their need has concluded. 

You can work this out with your provider when the best pickup options are available for you and the rest of your team. Instead of spending hours reconstructing your bathroom and getting rid of the mess, that time can be better allocated to cleaning up the rest of your event space.  

The job of cleaning the bathroom that no one wants to take care of is done for you. 

Expand Venue Options

Or is this an event that you’re building from the location up? Instead of having to deal with trying to choose a location with enough bathroom availability, choosing to use porta johns gives you more options on your location options. Bathroom space won’t hinder the spaces you can choose from for your event. 

Not having to worry about bathroom space for your event gives you a wider range of locations. Take restroom worries out of your venue compliance options when trying to find a space to host your event with rental restrooms. 

Portable Toilet Rental Options Are Great

Instead of worrying about what the bathrooms are going to look like after your event, or if there is enough bathroom space, find an alternative. Portable toilet rental options are for you to take this concern out of your event planning schedule. 

When you’re ready for a quote or ready to book your restroom venue options, let’s go over what you’re going to need. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to guarantee that one thing on your list is complete.