Let’s be honest; the porta potty gets a bad rap. Some people turn their noses up at the idea of huddling into a porta potty to go. That is, of course, until they really need to go. 

The portable toilet rental industry has come a long way in making the porta potty functional and more user-friendly for its users. There are even luxury restroom trailers that make you think you’re in a nice hotel.

 Users always appreciate those potties being there when they need them. There are a host of places where using a porta potty rental makes sense. Read on for the places that make sense to take advantage of a portable toilet rental.

1. Outdoor Festival

Outdoor festivals are a big part of the warm weather months. These include everything from art fairs and shows to carnivals and the local fair. 

A porta john rental is imperative at this type of event. Masses of people gather together in one area, typically an outside venue like a field or park. 

Often there are no indoor facilities available where outdoor festivals are located. Even if there are indoor bathrooms, there are rarely enough to handle the large number of people who come all at once. 

Anytime you have large masses of people coming together, it’s key to estimate the number and calculate the number of porta potties needed. 

2. Local Outdoor Concert

Spring, summer, and fall are jammed with opportunities to go sit outside and enjoy a concert. 

There are some big music events that bring in masses of people for a day of musical performances. 

Yet, even more are all the local cities and towns who feature a concert night each week. You can take your family and sit outside to take in different genres of music. 

 It’s not uncommon for these events for people to have a picnic and beverages while they listen to the concert making the porta potties a necessity.

3. Wedding

In 2022, there were nearly 2.5 millions weddings performed in the US. Statistics estimate that nearly half of those weddings have some part of the wedding experience happening outside. 

Attending the wedding of a loved one is a memorable and special occasion. Often a wedding involves multiple events over the course of several days. You get dressed up and celebrate the new couple. 

But if you’re celebrating outside, you still need to go to the bathroom over the course of the event. 

Many couples are opting to rent luxury restroom trailers for their guests to ensure that have access to a bathroom without feeling at all like they’re in a little porta potty in the dressy clothes. 

4. Sports Fields

Like other spring, summer, and fall events, it’s also the season for sports. If you’re the parent of any child athlete from toddler to teenager, you know if they’re in a sport, you will spend a whole lot of time at the sports field. 

Froom soccer and baseball to lacrosse and football, sporting events bring in many people who are there for many hours together. If it’s a kids sporting event, you also often have whole families in attendance. 

Porta potties are a must to meet the needs of the athletes and their fans. 

5. Running Events

Like festivals, many towns hold many running events each year. Some are part of a local festival, others are a part of a fundraising event. 

Running events, from 5K to 10K to a marathon, bring in lots of cheering fans at both the starting line and the finish line. 

It’s important to have porta potty facilities available when the masses of people show up to cheer on their runner. 

If you’re a charity planning a running event to raise money, you want to accommodate your benefactors and make their experience a positive one so they want to return year after year. 

6. Family Reunions

You might be thinking who has a family that is so big they need a porta potty for their family reunion? 

The truth is that it makes sense to get a porta potty for any family gathering that extends beyond your immediate family. 

If the family is gathering, there is food, drinks, and fun. The family will spend hours together. Save the inside of your home and the plumbing by making a nice porta potty readily available. 

7. Corporate Events

Many companies host a variety of different types of corporate events through spring, summer, and fall.

These can be for their own company employees. The events can also extend to employees and their families or even beyond to customers and vendors. 

Interestingly, this type of event is often less likely to be a casual affair. Let’s be honest, if you know you might be rubbing elbows with the big boss, you’re probably dressed well. 

Corporate events are another time when the luxury restroom trailers are a smart option, especially if you’re hosting clients or potential clients. 

8. Construction Sites

Did you ever drive past a construction zone, see the workers outside working away and wonder how do they go to the bathroom in the middle of the day?

If you have workers at a construction site for day after day, you need to meet the workers’ needs. Along with the construction storage container, you can put the porta potties for the crew. 

Streamline Your Event With a Porta Potty Rental

If you’re hosting or planning any of these events, then a porta potty rental should be a part of your planning. We can help you figure out your exact porta potty needs based on the logistics of your event. 

Our qualified team can help explain our porta potty services and determine what you need to meet your users’ needs best. Contact us today to get more information.