Outdoor events are more popular than ever, including for businesses. But during event planning, there is one area that is often overlooked and even taken for granted: the bathrooms. What bathrooms you choose can make or break your business event, so what are your options?

There are over 3.9 million portable restrooms in use worldwide, which provide convenience and event flexibility. However, not all event bathrooms are of the same quality. Many people will have a shudder or two thinking about some of their own experiences at events.

The good news is that there is another option: luxury restroom trailers. They are more like traditional bathrooms in enclosed trailers, maintaining luxury for your business event. Read on to learn about their top benefits.

1. Appearance

Around 60% of executives believe events are the most important marketing tool to achieve their corporate objectives. However, it is essential to invest in event planning to pull off a successful event. All details need to align with your company image and values, including the care for guests.

Luxury restroom trailers maintain your professional appearance and will help you stay consistent with your event goals. Guests will feel comfortable and even remember the experience because they did not have to experience the ordeal of an event that neglects its portable toilets. Instead, luxury restroom trailers provide the style and finish to leave a positive impact.

Luxury restroom trailers have a stylish and minimal appearance, helping blend into your event instead of becoming an eyesore. For example, you can get wood grain floors, simulated marble interior walls, porcelain toilets, and Corian countertops.

2. Amenities

Outdoor corporate events are wonderful until you realize there is no space to freshen up. It can even cause guests to leave to look for a restroom that can cater to their needs.

Thankfully, luxury restroom trailers have changed that. These bathrooms offer a variety of amenities as they are not in single restroom units like standard portable toilets. They are designed with men and women in mind, with sides for each gender.

Entering a luxury restroom trailer can be like entering a quality bathroom at a five-star hotel. There are amenities such as air conditioning, heating, lighting, mirrors, and music systems. A space for guests to cool down or warm up can be essential at outdoor corporate events, which luxury restroom trailers provide.

There are also sinks, paper towels, and mirrors, so guests have all they need to feel comfortable. The bathrooms have porcelain toilets, urinals, and fully enclosed stalls with wood and laminate finishes. All amenities have been considered to ensure guests are as comfortable as possible.

You can pick from a variety of different luxury restroom trailers with the appearance and amenities to stay true to your event.

3. Cleanliness

Dirty bathrooms can negatively impact your business in different ways. It suggests you do not care about the guest experience, and guests will question the professionalism of your company. However, it can be challenging to maintain portable toilets at events, especially large business events.

Luxury restroom trailers help increase cleanliness at your event and maintain the luxury of your guest experience. The flushing toilets, freshwater, and trash facilities make it easy for guests to maintain their cleanliness standards. You can connect the trailer to a water line or deliver water throughout the event to keep the trailers fresh.

Plus, the trailers are easier to clean, with hygienic flooring, quality lighting, and porcelain toilets. They have safety features, so guests do not slip either, such as floor with grip and handrails.

4. Size and Space

There is nothing appealing about a long line outside individual portable toilets at your business event. Guests might miss an essential part of the day, such as a speech, so catering to the number of guests is critical.

As it is a business event, many guests will want to take time to freshen up too, which needs to be considered. Luxury restroom toilets provide them with the space for this. There are several options for luxury restroom trailers:

  • The Presidential
  • The Advantage
  • 8 Station Luxury Residence
  • 10 Station Luxury Cottage
  • Porta Lisa
  • NU Concept
  • ADA Compliant Trailer

The Presidential is the most popular choice for luxury events. However, if you need a larger option, you can also consider the 10 Station Luxury Cottage, which has the capacity for up to 800 guests. The NU Concept uses solar power, which can be useful at remote events or if you want to use renewable energy.

The amount of trailer space reduces queues outside the bathrooms, which can make guests feel uncomfortable. Several guests can use the bathroom at once, and you can rent multiple trailers if your event is on a large scale. Consult with your event guide to determine this.

The stalls also have more space, like traditional bathroom stools. Guests do not have to navigate a cramped space in their business attire. Instead, they get the comforts of a bathroom similar to a typical indoor stall.

5. Privacy

Guests want to look and feel professional when they attend a business event. Luxury restroom trailers give them the opportunity to do this.

Enclosed luxury restroom trailers provide the privacy guests need to feel comfortable at an outdoor event. The sides for men and women also increase this privacy. It maintains professionalism for all attendees, giving everyone a moment to freshen up and breathe.

The enclosed space allows guests to take the time they need without feeling pressure to leave the bathroom. Portable toilets serve a purpose for many work sites and events; however, when it comes to corporate events, more privacy is required.

The Best Luxury Restroom Trailers

There is a time and space for portable toilets. But when you need to wow your guests, consider luxury restroom trailers. They offer a range of benefits that will not only support your business event but enhance it.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of luxury restroom trailers at your event? Our team can help you find the perfect option for your needs. Contact us today for a quote.