Shipping containers play a key role in the transportation of goods. However, they can be used for much more than transporting materials and products. People can use a shipping container for storage, turn it into an office, or even build a house.

One of the most common uses is as a construction storage container. It’s the ideal solution for protecting your equipment from theft and weather. Additionally, these are versatile solutions that can keep your construction site more organized and running efficiently.

Discover more benefits here and learn why you need to start using container storage now.

Create an Organized Environment

The most efficient construction sites are organized, allowing workers to gather their equipment and begin their tasks as soon as possible. They know where to go and what they need to grab, and there’s a routine and structure to it all.

When a work environment is clean and organized rather than chaotic, workers are focused, less stressed, and able to complete tasks more efficiently. That’s a crucial benefit when deadlines play such a key role in construction timelines.

An on-site container allows you to store machinery, tools, and equipment in one location. Workers can always find what they need when they need it. Tools that aren’t necessary right now are still easily accessible when they are required, out of the way but within reach.

Keep Tools and Materials Safe

Recently, in Philidelphia, thieves stole $60,000 worth of construction equipment despite the presence of a surveillance camera on the site. Unfortunately, situations like this one aren’t unusual. Criminals look for vulnerable construction sites because they know that valuable tools and equipment exist inside.

For instance, in Concord Township, a man stole $43,500 worth of supplies and tools last November. If you don’t secure your construction site, you could become a statistic as well.

So, what can you do to keep supplies safe? Other than using light towers, security cameras, and keeping records, you can move machines and tools to a safer location during off-hours.

A construction storage container provides extra security, keeping lumber, machinery, tools, and supplies secure and deterring thieves. If they can’t easily access it, they’re less likely to attempt to steal it.

Our containers are lined with 14-gauge corrugated steel panels and have lockable double doors for added safety.

Protection From the Elements

Rain, wind, and severe weather not only affect the timeline for a project but can also damage equipment. Moisture and humidity can cause water damage. Ruined equipment and materials need replacing, which can quickly become a financial burden.

Wood beams, plywood, insulation, etc., are all prone to water damage if exposed to the elements. In fact, water damage is a significant cause of loss on construction sites, resulting in project delays, reputational damage, higher insurance costs, and more. It’s one of the most frequent claims in the construction industry.

Water damage can come from an exterior or interior source, and it can happen unexpectedly.

Shipping containers are designed for use on the decks of large vessels. They’re exposed to the elements, meaning they have to be watertight to protect the goods inside. Shipping containers have heavy-duty rubber seals that keep rain and wind out.

You can buy or rent a repurposed shipping container for storage, knowing it will keep your materials and equipment safe and dry.

Different Sizes to Suit a Variety of Needs

Regardless of the purpose, there’s a shipping container to fit your needs. We offer container storage in three sizes: 20 feet long, 40 feet long, and a 40-foot high cube.

The 20-foot container measures 20′ long, 8′ feet wide, and 8′ 6″ tall. The 40-foot container is twice as long. Our 40-foot cube measures 9′ 6″ tall.

Additionally, containers can have side openings, open tops, and more. Upon request, you can also have doors at each end.

If you need more storage, you can rent larger containers or have multiple rentals on the construction site.

Convert One Into an Office or Break Room

These days, storage containers are also being transformed into offices, break rooms, medical stations, etc. Creating an on-site office allows you to remain nearby while still limiting the noise, dust, and debris on the job site from disturbing you.

Converting a shipping container into an office space is the perfect solution for storing sensitive equipment, important papers, computers, and more.

Project managers have a separate and private space to have team meetings, video conferences, and a place to review plans. To create a comfortable office, you might add windows, air conditioning, desks, storage, and outlets.

How about creating a break room for your workers? Having multiple containers on your construction site provides many benefits due to their versatility.

Turn one into a breakroom to provide a break from the noise and dust and allow workers to get into the right mindset. Add a table and chairs, a water station, and a coffee pot to help raise employee morale.

Make sure you also rent a construction bathroom for your workers, so they have everything they need on the job site.

The Endless Possibilities of a Construction Storage Container

There are many advantages of renting or buying a construction storage container, from added security to more versatility. Your construction site needs container storage, and it’s easy to get started.

We offer a variety of portable toilets and construction storage containers for job sites, festivals, events, and more. If you need a storage container or a porta-potty rental, fill out our online form to get a quote today. One of our qualified professionals will reach out to you soon to discuss your needs and answer any questions you might have.