Are you looking for a portable toilet rental for work or construction sites? If so, you aren’t alone. OSHA has set strict standards, and one of them is there should be at least one porta potty per 20 people.

Often, people do not prefer to bring portable toilets to their construction sites because it is pretty hard to make them look like they are part of the site.

But with some foresight and arrangement, you can turn a standard porta toilet rental into a luxury restroom trailer. After all, constructing portable toilets on a site will allow employees to work longer, and implementing this is easy.

You will want to keep reading to find out how to maximize your portable toilet rental. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of these portable toilet rental services for your construction site.

Consider the Location and Size of the Site

When planning to have a rented portable toilet, you must consider the location of the site where you will use it. This is because different locations have different needs. You should learn about these before deciding what type of portable toilet you will use.

For example, if your site is in an open area, you need to choose a portable toilet that does not take up too much space. That’s because there will be little to no room for it. However, if your site is enclosed, there should be plenty of space for placing the portable toilet.

The goal is to ensure it does not interfere with anyone’s movement or hinder traffic flow. If it does, it can be an unwanted nuisance for your workers and your construction project.

Another thing that must be considered with a portable toilet rental is its size and capacity. All these factors affect how much you will spend renting a portable toilet.

A porta potty rental can also affect how useful it will be during work hours. Is it a single stall, or is it a trailer with multiple stalls?

Asking these questions before using a porta john rental can save you time and money.

Why Portable Toilet Rentals Are Important

Construction sites can be dirty, dangerous, and hot environments. As you continue to plan to rent portable toilets for your construction site, here are the reasons you must rent the right ones.

Safety Considerations

If hazardous materials or chemicals are on-site, they must be stored safely and far away from where people will be working. Think construction storage container.

The same applies to portable toilets. Mobile toilets on your site must be located away from potential hazards. This ensures safety and compliance.

Comfort And Convenience

Having adequate facilities on-site will make it easier for workers to take care of their personal needs quickly and efficiently. This is valuable because they won’t have to leave the building site or move around too much while working.

This also ensures they are more productive and comfortable working in a physically demanding environment. A porta john rental is an easy way to do that.

Setting Up Your Rental Unit

Once you have decided on the type of unit best suited to your needs, you can set up your rental unit. This process usually involves hiring a professional who specializes in this type of work to ensure that everything is installed correctly and safely.

They can also advise you on where to locate your unit to maximize its effectiveness and help you identify any potential hazards that may arise from having an open toilet near construction or work sites.

Maintenance and Cleaning Services

It is also important to consider maintenance and cleaning services when renting portable toilets for construction or work sites. Typically, these services are included in the cost of renting a unit.

However, if not included, make sure you budget enough money for regular maintenance and cleaning of your unit to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Check Online Reviews for Porta Potty Rental

When choosing a porta potty rental for your construction site, you must look at the reviews first. Ensure the company has an excellent reputation and can always provide quality products.

You can read about other customers’ experiences with the company to understand if they would be a good fit. Look for information to see if they’ve worked with other construction companies.

If any problems occurred with a company’s rentals, it would be easy for you to find out about them through online reviews.

Other Things to Consider With a Portable Toilet Rental

While renting a portable john is pretty simple, there are things you should consider.

If you’re planning on using these porta potties regularly, they must meet certain standards set by law regarding fees and rental agreements. The last thing you want is to have an accident because someone didn’t pay attention to those details when signing up for the service.

Another thing to consider when renting portable toilets is how many people you need them for. If it’s just going to be used by construction workers on an ongoing basis, then one toilet per person should do just fine.

Yet, if you have several different events happening at once (like multiple worksites), having more than one toilet might be necessary so that everyone gets their turn without waiting in line too long (or at all).

Portable Toilet Rental Is What You Need!

Portable toilet rental services are the best option for sites that need temporary sanitation services.

When looking into these services, make sure that you consider all factors, such as location, setting up your rental unit correctly and safely, as well as budgeting for regular maintenance and cleaning services to get the most out of your rental experience!

With all these points considered, there’s no reason your construction or work site shouldn’t have access to sanitary bathrooms. Trust our dedicated team for all your porta potty needs. Contact us today for more information!