Did you know that the concept of the porta-potty goes back to the 1940s? Portable toilets have become very popular since then and they are used at a variety of events. Many people rent them for parties, concerts, and other events.

But how much does it cost to rent a porta-potty? How much should you pay without going overboard?

Keep reading and learn more about how it works below.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Porta-Potty?

What many people don’t know is that there are several different types of porta-potties. Some are better than others and some have extra features. Getting options with extra features will cost you more.

But the price also depends on your location and the availability of porta-potties. The price also depends on how long you plan on renting the unit, the delivery costs, and more. Consider a standard porta-potty.

A standard unit is what most people expect from porta-potties. It consists of a single unit without any flushing ability. Waste instead goes into a collective hole.

There is nothing special about this unit and it is the cheapest. Some standard porta-potties can be as cheap as $25 for the week. Others may be as much as $475 for the week.

While this is the cheapest option, its price can still inflate depending on its availability. If there is a big concert going on at the same time you need a porta-potty, there won’t be very many units available. This increases the cost of the unit and makes it harder to obtain.

You often get a discount if you pay for the month. It might be as cheap as $50 or as much as $475. There is also the ADA-compliant porta-potty. This option is very similar to the standard option.

The main upgrade is that it’s compliant with the ADA guidelines. This means the toilet is easier to use for people with disabilities. This makes the toilet slightly higher than usual by a few inches.

This option may cost between $100 and $700 per week. Monthly costs are similar. There are also deluxe porta-potties you should consider.

The Details

Deluxe options can flush. This keeps the unit clean and efficient. It also prevents buildups.

This option may cost you $100 to $850 per week. If you want to rent it for the month, you might have to spend as much as $3,000 or more. This would not be an efficient option if you want to rent several porta-potties at once.

It is better if you need to rent a few. You might spend far more money than necessary otherwise. There are also porta-potties with two stalls.

These units are great for saving space. They are more efficient and save more space compared to getting two individual units. They cost between $300 and $7,000, depending on whether you’re renting them for the week or month.

It is important to understand which type of porta-potty is best for you. Do you plan on having a big event with hundreds of people? You may want to opt for the cheaper options.

But you may prefer the more deluxe options if you will only have a few people at your event. This ensures that you won’t spend an arm and a leg on porta-potties. But the price ranges listed above may be affected by other factors.

This is why it is important to be flexible when choosing these units.

Other Factors That Affect the Price

No one wants to go over their budget on portable toilet rental options. The porta-potty price can vary depending on different porta-potty rental companies. Some companies may offer very affordable standard options.

This makes them ideal if you need many standard units right away. It is a good idea to compare prices between different porta-potty services. This gives you a better idea of the range of different porta-potties.

You might be surprised to find that some are much more affordable than others. Comparing prices also helps you avoid getting ripped off. Some companies might charge more than what is standard.

If you don’t compare those prices with others, you’d never know that you’re paying more than you should.

What You Need to Know

Your location also plays a part in the cost of porta-potties. Porta-potties cost more if you are in a busy area like New York City or Miami.

They are cheaper in more rural areas. Certain states may also have higher prices than others such as California. Don’t forget about the delivery cost either.

You’ll have to pay the delivery cost on top of the base cost of the porta-potty. The delivery cost might not cost that much if the unit doesn’t have to be delivered far. But if your location is off the beaten path and it takes an hour or so to get there, it will be more expensive.

Factor this into your budget when choosing your porta-potties. Think about the availability too. If you need a hundred porta-potties, it will cost you.

There might not be that many porta-potties available. If there are, you might have to pay more than usual to get them.

All About Porta-Potties

How much does it cost to rent a porta-potty? The cost depends on a variety of things. The type of porta-potty you get matters.

A standard unit is very cheap. But deluxe units may cost you several thousand dollars for the month. You should also consider the availability and the delivery costs.

Don’t forget to compare the costs either. To learn more about porta-potties, check out our options.