There are more than three million construction businesses working on projects all across the country. It takes a lot of materials and equipment to complete any kind of build and it’s crucial to make sure there is somewhere to store it all.

The last thing a construction company needs is to have assets go missing or not be able to find the right tools when they need them. It slows down production and has a major effect on the bottom line. This is why a construction storage container can be such a huge advantage during a major build.

These units provide a place to store everything in one place so nothing is left unattended to get stolen or misplaced. Follow this guide to help you find the best storage container for your site.

1. Location Close to Site

Before committing to bringing in any storage containers, it’s important to make sure you have space at your site, to begin with. You’ll need to account for the actual size of the container, as well as the room around it to bring things in and out of it.

A storage container is worthless if you can’t gain access to the inside easily and efficiently.

It’s a good idea to physically map out where you’re going to place your container to see how it will flow with the rest of the site. This way you won’t have the problem of thinking it will fit and finding out too late that you have an issue.

2. Adequate Space to Fit Needs

Adding construction storage containers to your job site won’t do you very much good if it’s not big enough to hold what you need. The size of the container should be one of the first considerations you make as you determine what to get for your project.

Take a quick inventory of what you’d like to store within the container. This can include anything from major equipment to building supplies like lumber or wiring. The more detailed you can be, the more accurate you can be in deciding which size will work best for your team.

As with most things, it’s better to have extra than not enough. We suggest going slightly bigger than you think you’ll need to have some extra wiggle room.

3. Weatherproof Protection

Keeping your assets in one location helps keep things organized and secure but it also gives you the opportunity to protect them from the elements as well. Instead of having to scramble to get things out of the rain or snow, you can rest easy knowing they’re covered and protected.

Make sure the construction storage you use is weatherproof so you won’t be left with the terrible surprise of finding out water has gotten in and caused damage.

4. Safe and Secure

Obviously one of the biggest benefits of having a storage container on your construction site is the added security it brings. Theft is a common occurrence at construction sites, especially with the rising cost of materials. These incidents are frustrating not only because they cost you money but they also slow down the progress significantly.

When you’re choosing a construction storage container for rent, you want to have a clear picture of how secure it will be. Check on what types of locks can be used and how many access points you’ll have. It may be a good idea to add some security cameras around the area as well.

5. Easy Access to Materials

While you clearly want your materials and equipment to be secure, you also want to be able to get to them easily when you need them.

Depending on what you’re storing in the container, you may want to choose an option that opens from both ends or has double doors. Thinking about how big the items that need to be stored will help you decide which option is best.

It’s also helpful to have an organizational plan as you’re loading your container. The more methodical and deliberate you can be, the more effective the container will be for your team.

6. Fits Within the Budget

As with any project, the bottom line budget is important to make sure you see a profit in the end. The last thing you want is for your storage container to cut into your overall revenue, so you need to have all of the price information upfront. This way you can be sure the cost to rent won’t be a surprise down the road.

Asking for an outline with any additional fees that might be incurred will ensure that you know exactly what to expect so you can plan ahead.

7. Easily Transported

There are so many moving parts on any construction site. Between all of the materials, equipment, and team members it can be hard to manage all of the logistics to be sure everything is where it needs to be all the time.

Getting your storage container in place is another factor you’ll have to consider before deciding on the right choice.

It’s best to figure out if your construction site is within a designated service area of a provider. From there, you’ll be able to figure out how to get the container in place and ready to use. Once you have that plan in place, you can start enjoying the extra storage option!

Finding the Right Construction Storage Container

Once you find the right construction storage container for your job site you can move forward feeling confident that you’re protecting all your assets. There won’t be the same worry about managing all of your equipment and supplies. Everything will have a place to be and nothing will get forgotten.

It’s a good idea to be strategic in how you use your extra construction storage. The more organized you are in packing it in, the more it will help your project move forward effortlessly.

Our team has a variety of storage container options to help fit your exact job site needs. If you’re interested in seeing how we can help you, contact us today!