Maybe you’re throwing a big barbecue, or perhaps you’re putting on a large festival. In any case, you have an outdoor event right around the corner. 

There are all sorts of things you need to consider, logistically speaking. However, one of the most important is bathroom accommodations. And considering your event is happening outdoors, the only legitimate accommodation is a porta-potty rental or two. 

Now, there are many different types of porta potties. But what if you want something a little more luxurious? The answer: luxury restroom trailers

Luxury restroom trailers offer a level of cleanliness and elegance that you just won’t find with a standard porta john rental. Need help picking out a luxury restroom trailer for your event? Here are 7 tips for doing so. 

1. Know How Many People Are Coming to Your Event

First and foremost, you need to know how many people are coming to your event. This will determine the size of the luxury restroom trailer that you require. 

For instance, while an 8-station luxury trailer will serve up to 600 people, a 10-station luxury trailer will serve up to 800 people. Each different type of luxury trailer has its limits. You’re going to need to do some math to ensure that your chosen trailer accommodates all of your guests. 

For more information on the capacity that different luxury trailers can handle, take a look at this page

2. Rent Your Trailers as Early as Possible

Here in Ohio, there are only so many months during which you can host an enjoyable outdoor event. As such, you’re highly unlikely to be the only person hosting such an event during your scheduled time. In fact, there are bound to be numerous other events going on simultaneously. 

As you might expect, all of those events need portable toilets too. And, in bad-luck scenarios, there may not be enough portable restroom trailers to go around. 

This is why you need to rent your portable restroom trailers as early as possible. The earlier you sign off on your rental, the better chance you’ll have of securing a rental for your event. 

3. Ensure That There’s Ample Space Available

Next, you need to ensure that there’s ample space available to accommodate your restroom trailers. These trailers can be as large as RVs. In other words, they take up a lot of room. 

Not only do you need enough space to comfortably set them up but you also need enough space to maneuver them into desired areas. If your event has tight quarters, it might be difficult to maneuver a particularly large restroom trailer. In such a case, a smaller trailer might have to suffice. 

If you need help in this department, give us a call. We’ll discuss your situation in detail and help you decide which size of the trailer is best for your needs. 

4. Be Cognizant of the Need for Hookups

Some restroom trailer models require the use of electrical and water hookups. Without these present, they can’t function fully. Other restroom trailers, however, come with generators and water tanks of their own. 

Neither option is necessarily the correct option. However, one option might be ideal for your situation. Just make sure to do your due diligence on the matter before commencing with a choice. 

5. Understand Available Features 

You might think of a luxury restroom trailer as little more than a trailer containing toilets and stalls. However, in reality, most modern luxury restroom trailers are filled with high-end features. To ensure that you choose the right trailer for your event, you need to understand the features that are available to you. 

These run the gamut from sinks to running water to LED lighting to heating to air conditioning and more. They also include things like linoleum floors, corian counters, electrical outlets, flushing capabilities, solar power capabilities, large mirrors, crown molding, and stereo systems. 

In essence, modern luxury restroom trailers are much more than porta potties. They’re full restrooms complete with all of the amenities. Know what they have to offer and choose accordingly. 

6. Assess the Need for ADA Compliance

If you’re putting on a public event, you likely need to have restroom accommodations that are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. In essence, they need to be easily accessible by wheelchair. 

There are, in fact, ADA-compliant luxury restroom trailers. They’re equipped with ramps, thus allowing wheelchair-bound individuals to roll into them with little trouble. Having these units present is not only a service to your disabled guests but it’s also, in all likelihood, legally necessitated. 

Study up on the ADA laws surrounding your event and choose your luxury restroom trailer in accordance with those laws. 

7. Consider Cost

You can only spend what you can spend. That said, luxury restroom trailer costs vary from unit to unit. In fact, some units cost as much as double the cost of others. 

So, assess how many people are coming to your event, assess your budget, and determine which luxury restroom trailer accommodates those two metrics. Depending on your budget, you may need to give up some features. 

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