Are you planning an outdoor event or a construction project? Do you have a place for your guests and employees to use the bathroom? 

As a host or manager, it’s your responsibility to provide the proper facilities. However, finding the right porta john rental can be more difficult than you might think. 

We’ve created this guide so you don’t have to worry about finding a reputable porta john rental company. Keep reading for six tips that will help you find a reliable rental service. 

1. Reputation and Experience

Before making your decision about a porta john rental, you need to research the company. Working with a company that has a good reputation will make the rental process much easier. 

Look for testimonials, reviews, and recommendations from previous clients to gauge the company’s reliability and the quality of its services.

An established company with a positive track record is more likely to deliver excellent customer service and provide well-maintained portable toilets.

Looking at a porta john rental company’s website can tell you a lot about their experience in the industry as well. They will likely have an “about page” where you can learn about their origin story and how long they have been in business. 

A company with experience will also be knowledgeable and will be able to answer all your questions. They may even be able to provide you with suggestions that will help your rental process go smoother.

2. Hygiene and Maintenance

Cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation are crucial when it comes to a porta potty rental. Talk to a representative from the company about their maintenance practices.

Don’t be afraid to ask for details about their cleaning schedules and waste removal procedures. You’ll also want to ensure there are hand sanitizer dispensers in the porta potties as well.

Whether you’re using a portable toilet rental for a business construction site or for an event, strict hygiene standards are a must. A reliable rental company will adhere to strict hygiene standards. 

3. Delivery and Set Up

Delivery and setup may not seem like a necessity, but it will make all the difference when it comes to porta john rental service. Inquire about their transportation capabilities, including the number of units they can deliver at once and the turnaround time for delivery and pickup.

Ensure that the company has the logistical expertise to handle the timely installation and removal of the portable toilets to avoid any disruptions to your event or project. 

There are a lot of logistics that go into planning an event or getting a project site set up. Relying on a company to deliver and set up your porta potties will take a lot of stress off your plate. 

A porta john rental is typically large and can be hard to maneuver alone. When you work with a company that offers these services, you can place your main focus on your event.

4. Range of Services

Another factor to consider is the range of services that the rental company offers. You’ll be surprised by how many additional features are available.

Depending on your event or project, you may need a handwashing station, handicap-accessible units, or even luxury restroom trailers. There are some that even come with a baby changing station. This could come in handy if you’re hosting a family-friendly function.

A company that offers a diverse range of options can cater to different event sizes and requirements. This will ensure you have the facilities you need.  

5. Cost and Transparency

When planning a project, you must think about your budget. You have a lot of options when it comes to porta john rentals; however, you will see a price difference. 

Oftentimes, a rental company will offer quotes, which can be very useful when you’re in the planning process. When you’re comparing quotes and prices, be sure to ask questions.

Doing so will give you a better understanding of the cost breakdown and will give you the opportunity to clarify any questions you have about the price. A clear breakdown will show you exactly where your money is going and which services and features cost the most and the least. 

Transparency is also key. You don’t want to work with a company that tries to hide fees and upcharge you. 

A reputable company will provide a breakdown of costs and offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. If your quote seems vague or unclear, you may want to move on and continue your search elsewhere. 

The majority of companies will be honest from the start, but just keep cost transparency in mind so you don’t get taken advantage of. 

6. Customer Support

Customer support and communication are other key factors that will affect your experience when you’re investing in a portable toilet rental. 

Pay attention to how responsive and helpful the company representatives are from the beginning. This will be a big indicator.

If you’re having trouble getting a hold of the company, it’s wise to work with someone else. You don’t want to have to wait days to get a response. 

A company that values its customers will be responsive, prompt, and available to address any inquiries or emergencies. 

Flush Away Your Worries: Porta John Rental

A porta john rental is a great addition to your project site and event space. Your guests and employees will appreciate the clean and sanitized facilities. 

Finding a reliable rental company can seem challenging, but following the tips above will make the process much easier. 

We have been providing porta john rental services since 1957. We are knowledgeable, reliable, experienced, and available to help with all your porta potty rental needs. 

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