You’ve secured the perfect space, the right vendors, and the ideal date for your town’s upcoming festival. And you couldn’t feel more excited about the big day. But you’re missing an important item: the porta potty.

Research shows that United States events generate over one billion dollars in a month’s time, with event attendance today rebounding from the lower pandemic levels. But to make your event a success, you need to know how to make the most of portable toilet rental services.

Here are four tips for a seamless porta john rental experience this year.

Let’s jump in!

1. Get the Right Number

As you prepare for your upcoming outdoor event, make sure that you secure enough portable toilets for your guests.

You may be tempted to trim costs by renting only a few porta johns for the event. However, this will cause the few units you have to become fuller and smellier more quickly.

Getting too few toilets will also lead to lengthy lines and, in turn, disappointed attendees. After all, nobody prefers to wait to use the bathroom rather than having fun.

If your porta potty number is too low, attendees may actually end up leaving your event early simply because they cannot gain easy access to the restroom. And those who remain may drink and eat less while there to avoid restroom emergencies.

On the contrary, having the right number of porta potties will help to ensure that your social event will be well received. And if you’re aiming to generate revenue from the event, it will increase your chances of making a profit from it.

Not sure how many porta potties to rent? Talk to the porta potty provider you’re planning to rent from.

If you tell your rental company how many visitors you expect at your event, they should be able to recommend an appropriate number of units for your situation. Perhaps you have no idea how many people will come to your festival. Simply look at past event numbers to come up with as accurate of a headcount as possible for this year’s shindig.

Also, consider adding a buffer of 10% to your estimated attendance numbers. This will further help you to ensure that you have enough bathrooms on the big day.

Don’t forget that there is generally no such thing as having too many porta restrooms.

2. Position Them Strategically

Once you have decided on the number of units you’ll need for your event, figure out the best locations to place them.

Your porta potty rental company might not be able to set up your units in certain locations, or they might advise against putting them there. So, be sure to ask the company for placement recommendations.

Note that if your event will take place over a broad area, you should have a unit in each location that your guests will likely visit. As an example, if you are hosting a wedding, consider placing a unit in the wedding ceremony area. Then, position a second one in the reception location on the property.

3. Book Them Early

Yet another invaluable tip for renting portable toilets is to book your units early. Once you know the date of your event, check with your porta john supplier how many units they will have available to rent on that day.

Don’t delay your booking, especially if your event will be held during the busy summer season. If you do, you may end up not securing enough units for your event.

Also, keep in mind that obtaining enough units for a several-day event, like a carnival, may be difficult or a single-day event if you wait until the last minute to rent them.

Furthermore, when choosing a date for your event, consider any other local events or holidays that may conflict with your target event time. These other activities may also make it harder or more costly to rent your bathroom units.

4. Explore Your Options

Finally, consider all of your portable restroom options as you shop around for the perfect rentals. Porta potties come in a couple of styles: restroom trailers and standalone units.

A restroom trailer is a luxury portable toilet that provides the amenities found in a regular restroom. These amenities range from a mirror to a flushing toilet, exterior and interior lighting, and running water in a sink.

Meanwhile, a standalone porta potty is the type of portable unit you have likely found at construction sites, outdoor concerts, trails, and parks. An accessible unit is large enough to accommodate a stroller or a wheelchair comfortably.

The standalone porta potty option is generally sufficient for a simple event. It is also a good choice for renters who are budget conscious. However, a restroom trailer may be the better choice for giving eventgoers a more comfortable toileting experience.

How We Can Help with Our Portable Toilet Rental Services

Proper portable toilet rental is key to hosting a successful outdoor event. Fortunately, by having the right number of porta johns and placing them in the right places, you can keep your guests comfortable and happy for hours on end.

At Rent-A-John, we take pride in offering high-quality portable toilets for events as well as commercial and residential job sites. We offer single portable potty units as well as multiple units and even luxury trailers.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services, and book your porta potty today!